Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tired tired tired.

MAN. I've been off since Thursday afternoon, today is my first day back, and I am dead. I was shelving and I got so stressed, then it was busy on the circ desk, and now I'm in children's and it's quiet...for now. I feel like that sleepy Yorkie (not a picture of my dog, but still a cutie!). And I'm here until 8 because I am closing. Man oh man.
I did come across 2 copies of Real Simple on a cart today and they looked good, so I checked them out. I'm also done with that huge cataloging project, so that is a relief. And tomorrow I'm going to see Jesus Christ Superstar with my librarian friend Nick. I just need a good good rest tonight and I will get my library skillz back.

Ex libris,


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