Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy National Library Week

Happy National Library Week!  It started on April 12 and runs through April 18.  Today is National Library Workers Day.  Go show the folks who work at your library some love.  Here is a link to the NLW homepage at ALA.  There doesn't seem to be the awesome commercials for NLW like there was last year, but commercials or no, supporting libraries is always important and definitely needed this year what with the economic downturn boosting use.
The theme this year is "Worlds connect @ your library."  Can I justify joining and using Twitter as a way of celebrating?  That's connecting with different worlds.  I swore I'd never get on Twitter...but then I said the same thing about MySpace and restarting a blog and Flickr.  Hmm.  Stay tuned...I am undecided on Twitter yet.

Ex libris,


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