Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Slow down, breathe, and chill.

I knew (re)starting a blog might not be the best idea because I am not the world's most consistent poster. But I did, and it's been awhile, so that's that. It may be because of a BOOK I just read (oh, look at that segue!)

In Praise of Slowness by Carl Honoré
Here is Carl's website for the book.

The book is basically about slowing down in just about everything-- eating, sex, driving, living. It details how being slower can actually mean living a better life. It's fascinating and I recommend you read it-- but take your time. :)
I have always tried to stop and smell the roses, but it's been hard lately with work and school. I don't do much else besides those two things. When I do have free time, I nap. I haven't seen some (most) of my college friends since graduation. I never wanted to be that girl, but here I am. And you'd think that a library job would be slow, but it's not. So I've been trying to not get so keyed up about things. I've been sick the past two days and I took a sick day and didn't feel too guilty. I've tried not to worry that I don't have an assignment for school started yet-- it's due April 12. I am trying to regain the Marissa I always tried to be. It's hard and definitely not instantaneous, but I credit Carl's book with giving me a little jab.

Ex libris,


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