Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Where I'm from

This is so beautiful, I took it from Julie. The template is here. I'm pretty satisfied with mine. Why don't you try it in honor of National Poetry Month?

I am from handmade afghans, from Five Alive and devil dogs.

I am from the half round windows, red ceilings, and worn gravel driveways.

I am from the riotous forsythia, the pastel cherry tree, and the smellgoods.

I am from pysanky and creative spirits, from Jean and Jay and theirs.

I am from the worriers and optimists.

From light golden brown hair and beautiful eyes.

I am from Catholicism, spiritual through myself.

I'm from Connecticut, the Cherokee, and Europe, kielbasa and potatoes.

From the sisters jumping rope at midnight, the epic eyebrows of Euie, and the mischievous brothers playing with firecrackers.

I am from Chapman Street and Flushing, from wartime love notes accompanying onions, from the roots of the tamarack tree and the cracked sidewalk pieces.


George Ella Lyon said...

Dear Marissa,

I love your poem, especially those epic eyebrows! Such rich memories & vivid language.

And I looked at your journals on Etsy. They are beautiful too.

I'm the author of the original "Where I'm From" poem and it's thrilling for me to find these WIF poems seeding all over the web.

You can hear me read the poem on my website and also find suggestions for further writing from your WIF poem.

Happy Poetry Month!

George Ella Lyon

Marissa said...

Thanks! I used to write poetry a lot but I've gotten out of the habit. This was a fun exercise. The library where I work has an annual "Poetry in Motion" event for teens. Here is some info, if you're interested:

Poetry in Motion:
Life’s Challenges…Tell Me About It!
Friday, March 27 & Saturday, March 28, 7:30-9 pm
This is a two-night poetry and arts event for Wilton Library’s poetry initiative centered on the theme of the trials and tribulations in a teen’s life. Original poetry written by students in grades 7 – 12 will be read or performed accompanied by various art forms. A book of the students’ poetry will be available for purchase. Program sponsored by Wilton Library with funding from an anonymous donor. Tickets can only be purchased at the front desk (no online registration) -- $5 per person each show. Proceeds will benefit future teen programs.