Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer reading!

Today is the last day of school in the town where I work, which means it's time for summer reading! I always loved summer reading. Here are a few of my goals for this summer.

1. Get through the top ten of the 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die. My sister and I started the list and she's already through the top thirty! You can read about our progress on The 1001 Books Project (shameless plug). :)
2. Read the next few of the Luxe books by Anna Godbersen. They are pure YA escapism.
3. Read a few more of Cara Black's Paris mysteries. I love Paris so much and these bring me back.
4. Read a lot of YA! I love YA books. I'm looking at my "to read" list and a lot of them are YA.

I have a class starting July 6, so we'll see how I do with these goals. What are you reading this summer?

Ex libris,


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Arukiyomi - the spreadsheet guy said...

enjoy the holidays!

I saw you mention the 1001 books list. I take it you're aware of the new v4 edition of the 1001 Books spreadsheet, right? If not, head over to the spreadsheet page on Arukiyomi.

I've seen your sister's blog around. You might want to mention the spreadsheet to her too.