Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Do Nothing But Read podcast of awesomeness.

About six months ago, Jill Thompson, an awesome cartoonist, tweeted about Do Nothing But Read Day, launched by a library student named Amanda. Since then, Amanda and I have become, I like to think, thick as thieves. We are Twitter friends and I hope we get to hang out in real life one day! In addition to running her own Do Nothing But Read Day blog, she also contributes to another blog called the Modern Day Pirates. On said blog, she collaborates with her longtime friend Brandon on a podcast about reading! They've done seven episodes to date, and it's great and funny and interesting and you should check it out. I never really understood podcasts, but I subscribed to this one and I love it. I listen to it while I'm shelving in the library, and I have laughed out loud and earned weird looks from library patrons. I also have added a bunch more titles to my "want to read" list. So go subscribe now and enjoy! And check out those blogs, which are updated way more often than mine and have better web design!

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I heart you!