Thursday, August 14, 2008

Finding the creative spirit...again.

I have been in such a creative rut lately. I haven't made a book in I can't tell you how long. Also, my studio space is all put away in preparation for the baby shower we're having for my sister over Labor Day weekend, so I don't have anything visually stimulating to set me off.

I feel like I have a lot of stuff to work with but I'm afraid of ruining something and not making it "cool" enough. For example, I have a packet of letters I bought at the Clignacourt flea market in Paris in 2004, but if I use them I won't have them any longer and what if I make something from them that turns out awful? Silly, I know, but I can't shake the creative apprehension.

This book Artist's Journals and Sketchbooks is pretty awesome and has lots of image transfer ideas and ways to be spontaneous. I think I am overthinking things too much in my desire for precision. Also, I don't have the bookmaking drive that I once had. I have fallen into the trap of yarn. Even though I love knitting and crocheting, I feel like I've lost a part of myself since I haven't made a book in awhile. And since it's been awhile, part of me feels like I might as well give it up because I won't ever get back the mad skillz I once had.

Altered Books, Collaborative Journals, and Other Adventures in Bookmaking is a great resource too. My former art professor Maryjean Viano Crowe is featured in it, and I always get jazzed by looking at her work. She basically taught me everything I know about bookmaking. It is because of her that I got to intern at The Center for Book Arts in New York and I've been in a number of exhibitions.

I think I may have the cure for my creativity ailment, however: 1001 Journals. I was walking over to Starbucks the other day and I saw a bumper sticker for 1000 Journals, and when I went to the website it redirected me. How cool is this website? It is a bunch of collaborative journals! Two years ago I tried to get a round robin book going among some friends, but it was dead in the water and I still don't have the book back. I think I may register on 1001 Journals and start collaborating with strangers because other people always have the coolest techniques. Then I can do a little work at a time and hopefully put my creative spirit back together. And I'll be able to work without pulling out all my supplies, and I'll have to be spontaneous because I'll have to send the book along to the next person.

I'll let you know what happens.

Ex libris,


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