Saturday, February 9, 2013

Literally the best thing ever!

A few months ago, the teen librarian where I work sent me a link to a TEDx Teen Talk featuring Tavi Gevinson. Right now, you might be like, "Who?" but watch the TEDx video. She is, in a word, rad. She started a fashion blog at age 12 and word spread. Now at 16 she runs an online magazine called Rookie which I wish was around when I was a teenager. I want to say it's the anti-teengirl magazine, but it's just much smarter and more well-rounded than the average magazine you pick up that's all "What flavor lip gloss represents your style?"

To celebrate a year of Rookie, Tavi edited and released Rookie Yearbook One via publisher Drawn & Quarterly. This circles back to my original point, the TEDx talk. After watching, Susan (my library's teen librarian) ordered Tavi's book. I checked it out and just finished it yesterday. In a word, LOVE. Just fresh and funny and informative and made me feel awesome-- and I'm not even the target audience! Some highlights: How to Be a Happy Homebody, An Actually Useful Article About Dressing for a Party, Midnight Snacks: A Taxonomy, How Not to Care What Other People Think About You, Confessions of a Fangirl (which happens to be about Hanson, a favorite band of mine), Thrifting: The Master Class, and all sorts of interviews with amazing people.

All these articles-- and more every day-- can be found on the Rookie website. I highly recommend the book, too! Tavi has been on Jimmy Fallon and some other shows. She's a rising star.


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