Saturday, July 7, 2012

"Trash" into treasure

Junk-Box Jewelry is a way to justify saving stuff. I love saving stuff. I have old watch faces, extra buttons, and more bits of yarn than I know what to do with. I took a wire working course in January, so I was looking forward to see Sarah Drew's take on DIY jewelry.

This book is marketed toward teens who are beginner or intermediate jewelry makers. I would lean more toward intermediate because some of these projects seem pretty involved. This is definitely a plan-before-you-make book. I love the idea of using "junk" to make new things, but these projects require jewelry wire, clasps, and tools. Bead stringing this isn't. Some projects are easier, but I think there are more intermediate projects than beginner in this book.

I like a lot of the projects Sarah Drew shows, especially the "Beach Finds" chapter with sea glass, shells, and bits of plastic. Next time I go to Cape Cod, my eyes will be scanning the sand!

The projects are well-illustrated and clearly explained, which is much appreciated. However, some of the "teen language" Drew uses feels a little forced. When describing lobster clasps: "No, they don't taste good dipped in butter..." On how to find supplies: "Tell your folks you want to organize or clean up and you'll earn serious brownie points." It sounds intentionally trendy. Luckily, as the book continues, this "omg totally awesome" tone wanes, or maybe I just got used to it. It doesn't affect the instructions, which is good.

Hats off to Drew for indicating that an adult's help might be needed when it comes to using a Dremel tool. I would suggest a similar note in the "Selling Your Work" section in the back. Etsy and eBay are great resources, but a bank account has to be connected to PayPal to purchase items or receive payment.

This is a good choice for intermediate-level teen crafters who want to branch out from using store-bought supplies. This book was received for review through Netgalley. It was published by Zest Books on June 27, 2012 and is available for purchase.

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