Thursday, December 22, 2011

Think before you link

I've been thinking about linking. No, really.
In my last post, all the links of titles go to where you can buy the book, browse similar titles, etc. Today I was thinking that I should really link to where you can buy books online from independent bookstores.
Then today, in a post unrelated to linking, librarian of awesome Andy Woodworth put the following note at the bottom of his blog post:
"Note: I’ve decided from now on to use links to LibraryThing rather than Amazon or WorldCat. In doing so, I’d like to urge my fellow bloggers to link to sites like LibraryThing rather than those sites when mentioning books."
AHA! I am not the only one thinking about linking. I usually just link to Amazon out of habit. WorldCat, the epic library catalog of everywhere, is awesome too because you can punch in your zip code and find a library near you that has the book you're looking for. But LibraryThing is a different animal altogether. It's a social "hey what are you reading" type of site, and since libraries are social "hey what are you reading" types of institutions, I think I will follow Andy's lead. And also, my personal LibraryThing is over there ----> showing you what I've read. I recently started adding all of the books that I've read since 2001 which just existed in my old blue notebook labeled BOOKS. I started in January of 2001 as my New Year's resolution and I think it might be the only resolution I've ever kept.
So hurrah for LibraryThing! And since it's so close to the New Year, why don't you start your own as your resolution?

Ex libris,


Photo from Flickr user Etrusia UK, used under a Creative Commons license

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