Saturday, September 6, 2008

Just because we have comfy chairs doesn't mean the library is your living room.

I was working the circ desk today when a woman and her daughter came up, obviously shaken. They said that this creepy dude had been following them around and they were afraid he was going to follow them to their car. He had been crouching down to look at some books, but it became evident that he was...ah...pleasuring himself. In the stacks of the public library. Gross! I didn't get to speak to anyone else about it until a little later because we were so busy today. I feel bad. He basically got away with it. But I will not forget his face, creepy pedophile mustache and all. YOU HEAR ME, CREEPY DUDE? YOU WILL BE VANQUISHED!

Ex libris,


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Grace said...

Hi Marissa! I found your blog from your Facebook profile & I'm always happy to read the adventures of a fellow reader & papercrafter!!! Hehe. Anyway, this post freaked me out...but you should hear some of the stories my mom has! For some reason people really do treat libraries like their own homes, which leads them to do some pretty nasty/creepy stuff. Here's hoping you won't have to deal with more stuff like this in the future!!!